Writing content on LedgerSMB.org

Submitted by Chris Travers on

Contributing to the LedgerSMB project with documentation and articles is easy. This short document will get you going in no time...

Getting started

  • Make sure you have created an account and logged in
  • Click on "Add content" on the menu at the left.
  • Choose a suitable content type - essentially FAQ entries for, well... FAQ's, or choose "Article" for most other purposes.
  • Start typing!


Community submissions are moderated on LedgerSMB.org, so once you have submitted your article or FAQ entry it will go into the moderation queue. You will see your article appear on the right-hand side of the site under the "Pending Content" heading. From here, your content may be published directly (at which point it will no longer show on the right sidebar, but will become part of the site) or a moderator may post some feedback on the content with suggestions or questions.

You might like to send a quick note to the mailing lists or on IRC to let the Moderators know that your new content is ready to be reviewed.

You can add new comments to your pending content, allowing discussion to flow during the editing / moderating process.


Once your content has been "published", it will no longer appear in the sidebar and will be available to all users within the site. You will be able to make changes to your content if necessary.

Those who have contributed a few quality items are likely to be promoted to the "Moderator" role, which allows direct publishing and moderating of other users' contributions.