Materials relating to supported releases


Installation instructions can be found on the site for both "docker-compose" based installations as well as "from tarball". The Docker based installations are advised over the "from tarball" installations due to the complexity of the tarball installations.


Upgrade instructions can be found on the site for both Docker based as well as "from tarball" installations.

The book

There's a work-in-progress book "Running your business with LedgerSMB" by Erik Huelsmann, Neil Tiffin, and Chris Travers.

Older materials

The manual

LedgerSMB also comes with an extensive, free manual; the authoritative source is in the GitHub repository at doc/manual/LedgerSMB-manual.pdf.



This is really a quickstart:

  • creating a new database via the browser, using
  • logging in to the new database
  • setting some parameters, populating the database with some data
  • creating new customer
  • and the main part: issuing the first invoice :)


Introductory series of 9 videos (1.3.x)

Set up database and user

How to add customers

Change tax values and descriptions

Add services and write bills

Check outstanding bills & change status to 'paid'

Reports: check outstanding bills, taxes and accounts

Write a quotation and check it in reports

Handle stock, RFQ, purchase order, shipping & receiving, reporting

Save invoice as draft