Maintained releases

The project maintains 2 stable releases. Which currently are:

stable: 1.11 - Installation Instructions 1.11
oldstable 1.10 - Installation Instructions 1.10

All release notes and security bulletins are sent to the announcement mail list. Please sign up to this low frequency list for important updates.

The development release is always the next version higher than stable. 

For more information about older versions, see the FAQ item about supported releases. Older versions should no longer be used. Versions prior to the stable releases listed above may have known security issues that will not be resolved.

Additional installation information may also be found in the book.

Docker images

Docker logoThere are production level Docker images available on GitHub. New containers are released on every stable and old-stable release. Docker images are around 250MB in size.

The docker repository identifier is "ledgersmb/ledgersmb" with the "latest" tag always pointing to the most recent stable release. The "master" tag points to the most recent alpha or beta of the development version.

Official release distribution

 The latest official release of LedgerSMB is always at download site. Releases are signed with GPG to assert integrity. Our public GPG key can be found on MIT's key server or on Install  and upgrade info.

You can verify the release with the command

$ gpg --verify ledgersmb-<version>.tar.gz.asc ledgersmb-<version>.tar.gz

Distribution packages

 A Debian package is available in Debian v12 (stable, 'bookworm'). Note that the current LedgerSMB version that is recommended for use is the current stable series, which is not in Debian. We're looking for maintainers which will be able to get newer versions into Debian.

Newer packages than those distributed by Debian can be found in the LedgerSMB APT repository (along with their updated dependancies as necessary).

 Ubuntu packages are available in the standard distributions based off of the Debian packages.

Newer packages than those distributed in Ubuntu can be found in the LedgerSMB PPA repository.

 RPM Packaging contributions solicited.

FreeBSD Packaging contributions solicited

 OpenBSD Packaging contributions solicited.

 Virtual Box No up-to-date images at this time.

Keeping up with the latest developments

Both stable versions are available directly from GitHub as a .zip file (it's not an official release, but has the latest fixes you may need) 1.10.x from GitHub, 1.11.x from GitHub. Check the repository for the change log in 1.11.x from GitHub or the changes in bleeding edge ('master').

LedgerSMB public GPG key
The LedgerSMB GPG public key can be found on the MIT key server.  Here is the direct link.