Hill Holdings Ltd - Barbados

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Hill Holdings Ltd is  small company in Barbados, in the sunny Caribbean.  We are in the vacation rentals business, and we use LedgerSMB's  General Ledger module to keep track of our income and expenses.

From a technical point of view, I found LedgerSMB easy to install.  Upgrades and fixes come out frequently, and it is very easy to upgrade via a small Bash script that I wrote myself.

Computer and Data Magic – North Carolina, USA

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We are an IT consultancy with specialties in Data Recovery and Linux administration. We've been using LSMB since 2017.

We originally gave Intuit Quickbooks a try on the recommendation of our now ex-CPA. Quickbooks is a paid service/software, and yet getting useful help from them was PAINFUL if not impossible. Think long hold times, and poorly trained representatives. I hated literally every minute I spent on the phone with them! Doubly so when all they could seem to say after they finally came on the line and I yet again repeated the issue we were having for the nth time, was that they didn’t have any answers and/or that there was NO @#$% solution! It was enough to make me ask why we were paying them! Based on our experience, anyone who does any kind of business with Intuit is doing themselves a disservice. (Google it if you don't believe me)

NP Broadcast Limited - UK

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NP Broadcast Limited is a UK-registered Limited Company with a yearly turnover of approximately GBP 150,000, VAT registered with 2 LedgerSMB users. We are mainly a services company providing studio and outside broadcast engineering support to broadcasters.

Riverbend Community Math Center - Dean Serenevy

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We are a US not-for-profit (http://riverbendmath.org/) using SQL-Ledger and LedgerSMB since 2006 (I'm not sure exactly when we made the switch). We are a small organization: ~15 part-time employees; ~$150,000 annual revenues; 2 users of the ledger. We are still using 1.2.x because my trial transition to 1.3.x did not work out as smoothly as I had hoped. Thus, I have put the transition on hold until I can give it a few days attention. As an organization we believe in and use open source software almost entirely. 

Developing custom LedgerSMB extension experience

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By Erik Huelsmann

In summary: adding to or changing LedgerSMB can be extremely easy

For one of my businesses, I needed to create an application to store some data on the services and products we provide. Basically, there would be one central table with some references to a few other tables, mostly to provide (short) selection lists. Also, there's one bigger complexity, because we wanted to link to our customer data.

The customer data is all stored in LSMB, so, developing this database inside LSMB's database seemed like a logical choice.