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For real-time help try our Matrix (IRC like) room  #ledgersmb - you will usually find most of the core team hanging out there. The most feature-full and commonly used client is Element. It is available as a web client (for computers) and also as Android and iOS clients from within the appropriate app stores. We suggest you create a matrix account as that will allow you to log back in later to see our response to your question.

There are people there who range from users to developers who are willing to help. We have agreed to adopt the Ubuntu code of conduct for our community. Please read it if you plan on joining.

Please keep in mind that the community (especially the people you may need help from) are scattered around the world and will likely be in a different timezone to you. This means that it can sometimes take quite a few hours before someone responds. (although these days on IRC there is someone around almost all of the time). For email lists this is not a big problem, but if you are using Matrix (directly or via a matrix guest session) you will need to stay connected until someone answers otherwise we have no way to contact you :-)

If you ask for help as a signed up Matrix user, please log back in and check for a response occasionally, we will always respond as soon as someone is available.

NOTE: there is a nice feature of the Riot web app (a bell shaped icon near the top right) that shows all the messages that mention your name.
This is useful when you come back after a while to see if someone has responded to your question.
Just click on a message there to jump to that point in the chat history

Connecting to MATRIX

Read more about using Matrix  and Element Client


You can use a browser-based matrix client to join the channel.
It defaults to guest access with reduced features, but it is trivial to sign up and get additional benefits like channel history and other things.

Dedicated Chat client

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