Installing LedgerSMB 1.11

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Installation from tarballs

This page contains the comprehensive version with the installation instructions for LedgerSMB 1.7 targetting a production installation from release tarballs and deals with these steps:

  • Installing the LedgerSMB Perl module dependencies
  • Configuring the PostgreSQL server
  • Configuring a webserver
  • Configuring LedgerSMB

If you already have all of the above, please proceed to the "Preparing for first use" guide.

1.11 release notes

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 Be sure to check the UPGRADE NOTES below!

What's new in LedgerSMB 1.11

This release features a new, fresh logo! Next to that, there are:

  • Barcode reader support added (back) to invoices
  • Reclassification of negative (current) assets to liabilities
  • Tracking of the relationship between reversed and reversing transactions