Hill Holdings Ltd - Barbados

Submitted by ehu on

Hill Holdings Ltd is  small company in Barbados, in the sunny Caribbean.  We are in the vacation rentals business, and we use LedgerSMB's  General Ledger module to keep track of our income and expenses.

From a technical point of view, I found LedgerSMB easy to install.  Upgrades and fixes come out frequently, and it is very easy to upgrade via a small Bash script that I wrote myself.

I have had a few glitches - nothing more than glitches - and the chat facility on Riot/Matrix/Element works exceptionally well for resolving these problems. You get to chat with the developers, and fix time is usually an hour or less. There is no commercial product that I have ever used in 50 years of experience with accounting systems that comes anywhere close to that level of support.

Are there some rough edges? Sure.

Can you tweak it yourself? Of course, it's Open Source. I have found it useful to change the reporting layout for the Income Statement and Balance Sheet, for example.

Would I recommend LedgerSMB? 100%