How to add a barcode for a part?

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Sql ledger has the option to add a barcode to a part.

In 1.4, you will be able to add a barcode per make/model record.

How are barcodes added when using LedgerSMB?

Sort term solution:
It's not optimal for a UPC management but it solves the immediate problem:

Add a space separated list with the barcodes to the partnumber field

The partnumber is the "Number" filed on the same line as "Description" in the "Add Part" page.
And yes, "space separated list" works in the POS interface. (If you scan one of the codes in the space separated list )

Here's how the partnumber and description fields work
It searches for any substring match for the entry.
If there is only one match it populates and moves on
If there are no matches it asks you if you want to create one
If there are multiple matches it gives you a list to choose from
same on the invoice screens

Long term solution:
- add a UPC field to the makemodel table.

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