How do I fix out-of-balance overpayments?

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How do I clean up my books as a result of Issue #2346, URGENT: Use Overpayments creates accounting errors?

What you need to do is look for rows in payment_links which have type=0

Then, in acc_trans, you need to identify those rows which have an entry_id of a row which has a 0 amount. That row is probably an fx_transaction row.

The preceding entry_id row is likely one for the same transaction, with a non-zero, non-fx_transaction amount.

You need to insert a new row into the payment_links table with:

  • payment_id: same as for the fx_transaction
  • entry_id: entry_id of preceeding entry in acc_trans
  • type: 0

When you do that, the customer balances should be fixed.

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