This document looks forward from the last stable public release (currently 1.6). The document should be taken as a general indication of direction. As with every open source project, contributors follow their own priorities; as such, features may be implemented earlier or later than indicated or even features entirely not mentioned may be implemented.

LedgerSMB is being developed as a Core system with many functionalities a business requires. However, some businesses may require different functionalities, or some functionalities may be considered too disruptive to integrate immediately into the core. These functionalities are developed as Add-ons.

Ready for next release

Completed developments which will be included in the next release, are listed in the Changelog file. This page focusses on providing an overview of (desired) future change.


These functionalities are currently actively being worked on:

  • Webservices for posting invoices
  • Conversion of the web-UI to Vue3


The features in this section have been brought forward by existing contributors as items they want to work on (not necessarily in the stated order) when time permits. Some topics have been discussed between developers. None of these topics have seen any actual development just yet. If you're a developer interested to contribute to one of these topics, please step forward! We welcome contributions on each of these topics!

Improved (first) user experience

Webservices for

  • Retrieving and creating customers

Completion of previously implemented features

Internationalisation and localisation

  • Better handling of plural forms

Technical improvements



The following section lists highly desired features, grouped into topics. However, no developer has expressed any interest in working on these item in the foreseeable future. Developers who do want to work on these features, please step forward, we highly welcome contributions on these topics!

UI improvements

  • Fewer defaults for configuration
  • Layout improvements
  • Help system
  • Fully remodeled Contact entry screens
  • Personal Dashboard

Configuration and customization

  • Easier development of templates by adding HTML->PDF output generator option

Integration and scripting

  • Web services
  • Web hooks


  • Revaluation of foreign currency balance sheet items
  • Complete integration of pre/overpayments

Goods and services

  • (more/better) inventory reports
  • production batch tracking


  • Integrate budgets in financial reports
  • Migrate reports module to Dojo/dgrid


  • Track events (like appointments) per customer, lead, etc.
  • Sales Opportunity Tracking
  • Sales forecasts


Technical improvements

  • Phase out code in old/
    • AR/AP invoices and transactions redesign
    • GL transactions redesign
    • Orders and Quotations redesign
    • Warehouses, parts, and assemblies redesign
  • Replacement of


  • Support for role groups
  • LDAP and groupware integration