Screenshots for 1.3

Submitted by Chris Travers on

This content is outdated and kept here for reference only!

We have been working long and hard on 1.3 for some time, so it is time we show some screenshots showing how things will be different. I have chosen three screen shots to highlight our new approach:

1) Bank Reconciliation has been entirely redesigned in 1.3 with a new workflow and it is better designed to handle large numbers of transactions. Additionally you can go back later and review a reconciliation set to see what cleared and what was outstanding. This screen shot shows a report for a work in progress.

2) The contact management section is redone. Customers/vendors can now have multiple accounts, contact information, shipping and billing info, notes, etc. This screen shot shows how this looks with Javascript enabled. Here Javascript is used to clean up the interface, and the links at the top switch between visible divs.

3) Payment screen, for single customer/vendor payments

4) Batch payment screen for paying or receiving money from several customers or vendors.

5) Order entry (in this case sales order)