LedgerSMB 1.3.32 released

Submitted by Chris Travers on
Security release
Release candidate

LedgerSMB 1.3.32 has been released.  This release adds overlooked functionality, and corrects a number of minor to moderate problems with previous releases.  Those who are running 1.3.31 should upgrade sooner rather than later.  Others should upgrade after reviewing the 1.3.31 inventory changes.

The overlooked functionality was that books could not be re-opened after closing.  Now they can through the same interface as 1.2.x.
This release also corrects an issue where the reconciliation database routines failed to load for 1.3.31 users.  For new users of LedgerSMB this would prevent bank account reconciliation workflows from working but upgrading users would continue to run bank reconciliation with no changes.
Other fixes include attention to cash reconciliation and GL draft approval, and some fixes to the LaTeX template engine to handle extr anewlines and em-dashes better.
The complete changelog is below.
Best Wishes,
Chris Travers
Changelog for 1.3.32
* Fixed em-dash handling for pdfs (Chris T)
* Fixed multiple blank line handling for pdfs (Chris T)
* Fixed multiple repeat entries in chart of accounts drop down (Nick P, 812)
* Fixed transaction list empty if searched by creditor name (Nick P, 806)
* Fixed cash transfer enforces ticked 'FX' boxes (Nick P, 802)
* Fixed extra newline-related errors in tex template engine (Chris T)
* Reopen books now works again (Chris T, 792)
* Added address line to ar/ap transaction and invoice screens (Chris T)
* Fixed draft review issues for Cash Transfer GL drafts (Chris T, 802)
* Added fx boxes for GL transactions (Chris T, required to fix 802)
* Fixed odd UI issues with voiding GL transactions (Chris T, 803)
* Fixed department dropdown not showing values (Chris T, 805)
* Fixed error causing Reconciliation.sql not to be loaded/reloaded (Chris T)
* Added updated Hungarian charts of accounts (Pongracz I, 813)
Nick P is Nick Prater
Chris T is Chris Travers
Pongracz I is Pongracz Istvan