I just installed LedgerSMB, but http://localhost/ledgersmb/ says "Forbidden"

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The default configuration limits access to the /ledgersmb/ page to connections from localhost ( only for maximum security.

If you want to allow connections from other locations, it's highly advisable to use encrypted (VPN) connections to access your ledger in order to maintain good security.

How to set up POS so it works with barcode scanner, receipt printer, etc.?

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This content is outdated and kept here for reference only!

Q: This particular merchant runs Windows. I don't think they have a pole display, though I can check. Ideally, it would be great to accommodate, with or without pole display. If it runs better on Linux, going forward I would propose Linux workstations for new merchants.

Ok. Let's first explain what the problems we have to solve are, then discuss the solutions that are bundled.

System requirements

Hardware requirements

The hardware required to run LedgerSMB greatly depends on the number of users. However, with a small number of users (up to 10 or so), a 32bit server with 512MB to 1GB of memory (including Linux Server OS) and just a few hundred MB of storage (excluding OS) should be enough to get good performance.
For a 64bit server, you probably need 1GB to 2GB of memory, but otherwise the requirements are the same.

How can I login to several companies with one user?

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I manage several companies on LedgerSMB, can I login to any of these companies with one user?
Applies to LedgerSMB 1.3.x -->
V. 0.1 - 22. Nov 2011

I have 100 companies though on my system and decide to change my password, wouldn't I have to change it a 100 times (one for each company)? What would be the best approach to setting up a user that could be used on several companies (databases)?

Does ledgersmb support SSL connection ?

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Q: How could I set it up ledgersmb to support SSL connection?

SSL support on Apache is handled by configuring Apache. For having LedgerSMB connect to PostgreSQL using SSL, you can set the PGSSLMODE environment variable to 'require' in the ledgersmb.conf. Note that by default, LedgerSMB will try to connect to PostgreSQL via SSL and fall back to unsecured connections if this is not available.

We highly recommend using SSL for any access to LedgerSMB over the network.

Why is LedgerSMB PostgreSQL-only?

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Adding support for other database management systems would require that the database logic be coded to the least common denominator. We have decided that we want to eventually allow add-ons in different languages, and thus the database becomes the only point where we can enforce accounting logic consistantly across all parts of the application. Porting and maintaining such logic across database systems is not feasible for this project.

Additionally PostgreSQL is an outstanding RDBMS and we have no desire to move from it.