NP Broadcast Limited - UK

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NP Broadcast Limited is a UK-registered Limited Company with a yearly turnover of approximately GBP 150,000, VAT registered with 2 LedgerSMB users. We are mainly a services company providing studio and outside broadcast engineering support to broadcasters.

I primarily chose ledgersmb to have control over our accounting data, with it being stored in an open format and having scope for integration with other business systems. I concluded it is too risky to have my business accounting dependent on the whims of a much larger third party - especially one with a strong incentive to create user lock-in and ensure ongoing subscriptions.

I have around ten years experience using QuickBooks, from a previous role. I considered this and the online services Kashflow and Xero, before settling on LedgerSMB.

Had there been a UK-focussed company offering a hosted ledgersmb solution, with support, for a similar monthly price to other online bookkeeping software, that would have been tempting - even though we have in-house hosting and development expertise.

In addition to our studio and outside broadcast engineering support we do some bespoke hardware design, assembly and software development, but do not generally keep stock or use LedgerSMB's assembly or part-tracking facilities. For payrolling we use an external website (

I find the ledgersmb mailing lists helpful and responsive for support queries, but I'm always concious that this imposes upon the goodwill and generosity of others when I have a daft question!

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