1.7.23 Released

Submitted by LedgerSMB_Team on Sun, 09/27/2020 - 12:07
Security release
Release candidate

The LedgerSMB development team is happy to announce yet another new
version of its open source ERP and accounting application.
This release contains the following fixes and improvements:

Changelog for 1.7.23

  • Fix subtotals not showing on AR/AP outstanding report (#4732)
  • Apply default sorting to AR/AP outstanding and transactions reports (#5080)
  • Fix failure saving new reporting unit classes with modules checked (#4614)
  • Fix subtotals not working in GL report (#5098)
  • Fix AR/AP transaction applying exchangerate without locale conversion (#4879)
  • Various sales person related fixes (#5115)
    • Fix sales person failing to save on AR/AP Transactions
    • Fix sales person selection retained on Update in sales invoice
    • Fix loading sales person from database on document retrieval
  • Fix 'Manager' drop down not populated in employee page (#5125)
  • Fix Account contact screen buttons populating customer on invoice/... (#932)

For installation instructions and system requirements, see

The release can be downloaded from our download site at

The release can be downloaded from GitHub at

Or pulled from Docker Hub using the command
$ docker pull ledgersmb/ledgersmb:1.7.23

These are the sha256 checksums of the uploaded files:

de542f0f45aef924503d630c6a87a1ab49c4bdfb5d6ca58cd1ec85f544d9e2c7 ledgersmb-1.7.23.tar.gz
2bbf401076013ee8ce2df18812645e0c138e9729e3c1c3dfb5b75c2cc8915cb8 ledgersmb-1.7.23.tar.gz.asc