Computer and Data Magic – North Carolina, USA

Submitted by ehu on Tue, 05/11/2021 - 15:00

We are an IT consultancy with specialties in Data Recovery and Linux administration. We've been using LSMB since 2017.

We originally gave Intuit Quickbooks a try on the recommendation of our now ex-CPA. Quickbooks is a paid service/software, and yet getting useful help from them was PAINFUL if not impossible. Think long hold times, and poorly trained representatives. I hated literally every minute I spent on the phone with them! Doubly so when all they could seem to say after they finally came on the line and I yet again repeated the issue we were having for the nth time, was that they didn’t have any answers and/or that there was NO @#$% solution! It was enough to make me ask why we were paying them! Based on our experience, anyone who does any kind of business with Intuit is doing themselves a disservice. (Google it if you don't believe me)

NP Broadcast Limited

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NP Broadcast Limited is a UK-registered Limited Company with a yearly turnover of approximately GBP 150,000, VAT registered with 2 LedgerSMB users. We are mainly a services company providing studio and outside broadcast engineering support to broadcasters.