Community roles

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019 - 02:01

Our definition of "the LedgerSMB community" is to include

  • Those who create the software: Developers, Testers, Translators, Packagers
  • Those who help others use (set up, configure, administer) the software: Contributors
  • Those who test and use the software: Users

This definition does not include those who sell LedgerSMB (related) services and products (in their role of seller). If we include those in the definition, we'd call that "the LedgerSMB ecosystem".

Within this community, we live by the Ubuntu code of conduct. Apart from that, there are no restrictions on becoming a community member in the role of any of the above. Simply join one of the mailing lists and submit your contributions.

A listing of people who have contributed at one time or another can be found in the CONTRIBUTORS file which may be found in the source distribution archive or in the source code repository.


The project is governed by the Core Team. Each Core Team member (in his or her role of Core Team member) is expected - regardless of employment or commercial interests - to act on behalf of the shared interests we have as a project. New Core Team membership is extended to community members by invitation from the Core Team. Core Team membership is terminated upon stepping down of the Core Team member, e.g. if he or she feels not being up to the task.

Core Team members differ from other community members in that they have assumed the additional responsibility to nurture the project and look after the community's shared interests. So far, these have been understood to be a number of things:

  • Decide where and how we want project resources to be hosted (thinking of the project website, etc)
  • If and when people would like to make large contributions, we discuss if and under what terms we want to accept those
    Examples of contributions meant under this item include industry customizations and in-house parallel developments being submitted for (re)integration
  • Discuss if things like the POS module should be integrated or separate (sub)projects
  • Vote on whether releases are ready to be released or not

The core team currently consists of

  • Chris Travers
  • Erik Huelsmann
  • Havard Sorli
  • John Locke
  • Pongracz Istvan
  • Herman Vierendeels
  • Robert James Clay
  • Yves Lavoie
  • David Godfrey
  • Nick Prater