Does LedgerSMB support "sub-accounts"?

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Yes. LedgerSMB has a mechanism called "Account headings". The headings are the opposite of what Intuit explains about Quickbooks for their subaccount support: Quickbooks splits an account into multiple and aggregates those new accounts into the old one for reporting. To achieve the same in LedgerSMB, you create multiple accounts and one or more headings. LedgerSMB then aggregates the totals of the accounts per heading. The system used by LedgerSMB closely resembles what MYOB describes about their accounts and headers.


How do I fix out-of-balance overpayments?

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How do I clean up my books as a result of Issue #2346, URGENT: Use Overpayments creates accounting errors?

What you need to do is look for rows in payment_links which have type=0

Then, in acc_trans, you need to identify those rows which have an entry_id of a row which has a 0 amount. That row is probably an fx_transaction row.

The preceding entry_id row is likely one for the same transaction, with a non-zero, non-fx_transaction amount.

You need to insert a new row into the payment_links table with:

Why do VOID invoices show up in my open invoices list?

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I've voided an invoice in my system. Now, instead of *no* open invoices, I see *two* open invoices listed: the voided and the voiding one. How to remove both invoices from the list of open items?

If you find yourself in this situation, the answer is to create a 0 (null) payment: Select both the voiding and the voided invoice in the Cash->Payment (or Cash->Receipt) screen. This will clear the invoices against each other with a net-zero result.

How do I "undo" or reverse a payment to a vendor?

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I have made a payment to a vendor, but entered an incorrect date, far in
the future. Consequently the payment does not show when I try to reconcile
the relevant bank statement.

How do I back-out the incorrectly entered payment?

Cash/Vouchers/Reverse Payment.

Then when you are done adding the payments you want to reverse,
approve the batch.

Can VAT be automatically be split off into the required VAT accounts?

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Short answer: Yes

LedgerSMB can tie product sales to a tax class so that VAT can automatically be split off into the required VAT accounts on a sale, and when cancelling an invoice, automatically perform the reverse bookings.

Each product can be 'attached' to an account and the associated % will be applied automatically.

I'm not an accountant, how do I learn how to keep my books?

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Quite a few users find some of the terminology and accounting processes a little confusing at first. Some of the more popular small business accounting packages tend to hide these aspects of book-keeping from users for simplicity, so with the current user interface there is often some new ideas to grasp.

First step is the manual - the LedgerSMB manual is free and highly recommended reading.