1.4.39 Released

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Security release
Release candidate

The LedgerSMB development team is happy to announce yet another new
version of its open source ERP and accounting application. This release
contains a fix for the change in Perl 5.24 which no longer includes '.'
in @INC. Some distributions have backported this change to earlier Perl
versions (as it is security fix CVE-2016-1238). LedgerSMB now both works
correctly without '.' on @INC and actively removes '.' from @INC on any
Perl version, effectively backporting this security fix.

Changelog for 1.4.39

  • Fixed searching for approved batches (Chris T, #2592)
  • Don't cache per-company (from database) templates (Erik H, #2573)
  • Don't block database administrator access to Contacts (Erik H)
  • Compensate for the removal of '.' from @INC on newer Perl versions (Erik H)
  • Fix payments sometimes double-counted in Cash>Reports>Receipts (Erik H, #2618)
  • Remove reference to removed JS files, silencing logs (Chris T)
  • Fix bug reading templates directory (only seen on CentOS) (Chris T)
  • Fix attachments showing up twice after 1.3->1.4 migration (Erik H, #2659)

Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann

The release can be downloaded from sourceforge at

These are the sha256 checksums of the uploaded files:
230d113bd94284b75ff025dfdb409a6a2eadcec7849d20ab3eda002b1e78cfe1 ledgersmb-1.4.39.tar.gz
51af2d6d9d7eaa44e284d9dede22f6dca09257006492d645fcbd8e649558ed1d ledgersmb-1.4.39.tar.gz.asc