Fundraising: multi-currency from after-thought to core feature

Submitted by ehu on

This content is outdated and kept here for reference only!

Efficito has a customer who needs full multi currency support. Efficito has estimated the required effort at 12000 EUR. We (Efficito) want to commit to sponsoring 50% of the cost (6000 EUR). The customer can't vouch for more than 2000 EUR which leaves us with 4000 EUR left unsponsored.
When the change is completed, the following functionalities will be available:
 - Multiple rates per currency per day
 - Advisory currency rates: one rate per currency for a specified period (minimum: one day)
 - Data entry screen for maintenance of advisory rates
 - Multiple currencies per GL transaction
In addition to the above, the following changes need to be implemented for the rewrite to work:
 - Adjusting currency handling in
   * AR/AP entry
   * GL entry
   * Payment entry (both single-payment and bulk payment)
 - Changes to the System Defaults screen (for selection of the default currency)
 - Changes to the database schema and stored procedures (business logic)
 - Writing a migration script from the existing migration

It's our hope that enough people donate a smallish mount to make this change happen -- although bigger donations are highly appreciated of course.

Thanks in advance to everybody who will put up their donation! Everybody who isn't in a position to donate in a monetary sense: no problem, please report your findings with the software on one of the mailing lists or in the SourceForge bugtracker. Taking the time to report is a valuable donation as well!