1.4.42 Released (end-of-life release)

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Security release
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The LedgerSMB development team is happy to announce yet another new
version of its open source ERP and accounting application. This will
be the last release in the 1.4 series, which has reached End-Of-Life
(EOL) status on September 15, 2017; after three full years of active
maintenance. The fact that the release series has reached EOL status
means that no further community supported releases will be
created - except for translation updates when available. Users are
encouraged to upgrade to the 1.5 series which is now the community
supported version. In case upgrades are not an option, support may be available
through commercial support channels

This release contains the following fixes and improvements:

Changelog for 1.4.42

  • Fix goods/services search with AR/AP invoices (Chris T, #2938)
  • Fix ar/ap not searchable by part number (Chris T, #2926)
  • Round-trip fewer values over web requests during migration (Erik H)
  • Bank account info now properly HTML-escaped (Erik H, #2820)
  • Ensure forked sub-processes to be correctly terminated (Erik H)
  • Fix missing content in columns of the outstanding report (Erik H, #2585)
  • Fix contacts search ignores e-mail and phone filters (Erik H, #2821)
  • Fix contacts search by address data doesn't work (Erik H, #2490)

Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann

The release can be downloaded from our download site at

Or pulled from Docker Hub using the command

$ docker pull ledgersmb/ledgersmb:1.4.42

Additionally, the release can also be downloaded from GitHub at

These are the sha256 checksums of the uploaded files:
64b3e70559e2e66a9b1b41b2937ac3e68ef47f8b1006f092bafde60941b8a1ba ledgersmb-1.4.42.tar.gz
9129f407bb0ab372f0e0f6388e97e3765b1cd96ca0a02fe6d9e3f9a8331b7b02 ledgersmb-1.4.42.tar.gz.asc