How do I backup my data?

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Log in to the the '' administrative interface, using your ledgersmb database admin user (usually "lsmb_dbadmin" or "postgres"). The default address for is http://localhost/ledgersmb/

There are 2 buttons:

  • Backup database (parts, customers, accounting records, etc)
  • Backup roles (your login accounts and rights)

One creates a backup of the content of your database. The other creates a backup of the roles.

Roles are elements which are required to exist before creation of a database, and assign fine-grained access control.

Both files are needed when restoring, and you need to restore the roles before the database.

The backup can be mailed to an e-mail account, or you can download it with your browser, depending on your output selection in the backup screen.

After backing-up the data, it is prudent to confirm that the backups are of non-zero size to confirm that they have been correctly downloaded.

See How Do I Restore My Data for further information.

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Thu, 07/04/2013 - 18:50

If I were to move my old 1.2 data to a new machine running 1.3, what else do I need to backup or pg_dump from the old machine so as to be able to restore into a new 1.3 setup?. Postgres 8.x does not have roles in the pg_dump and the FAQ mentions restoring the roles first.