1.3.40 released

Submitted by ehu on
Security release
Release candidate

This release has a couple of sales tax fixes, a database schema fix and a couple of others. Highly recommend upgrading at earliest opportunity.

Changelog for 1.3.40

  • Updated nginx configuration (Pongracz I)
  • GL account search now will search within descriptions for matches (Chris T)
  • Printing without an invoice number now errors instead of increments (Chris T)
  • Fixed internal server error using cash/payment (Chris T)
  • Fixed #1133 (FX rate changed after selecting part/service) (Pongracz I)
  • Fixed #1078 (Don't populate all empty projects automatically) (Pongracz I)
  • Fixed #1139 (Vendor can show up as default customer in sales order, confusing...) (Pongracz I)
  • Fixed type mismatch between invoice.qty and invoice.allocated (Chris T)
  • Fixed manual tax invoices not reversing properly (Chris T, 1134)
  • Fixed duplicate entry in es_AR.po (Erik H)
  • Fixed sales tax rounding error under certain circumstances (Chris T)

Chris T: Chris Travers
Pongracz I: Pongracz, Istvan
Erik H: Erik Huelsmann