This document is an attempt to look at where we are going from here. It may be helpful for people who wonder when certain features will be rewritten.

This is an evolving document and may be subject to change.

* denotes high priority item

LedgerSMB is being developed as a Core system with many functionalities a business requires. However, some businesses may require different functionalities, or some functionalities may be considered too disruptive to integrate immediately into the core. These functionalities are developed as Add-ons.

Core development

1.4.0: Continued redesign

This release doesn't contain the long-expected rewrite of the financial logic to prevent running into a long release cycle as has happened to 1.3.  Some reporting redesign is likely to occur during the beta period.

Completed items

  • Get rid of the dependencies on PostgreSQL contrib modules
  • Breaking POS interface off into separate, separately maintained package
  • COGS now treats GL transactions as AP ones for purposes of COGS calculations, allowing for initial inventory to be input as a GL transaction, and for manufacturing to be done using GL transactions.
  • Can mark accounts obsolete, so they show up in reports, but not transaction dropdowns.
  • Budgeting module
  • Improved error handling
  • CSV import module. Currently supports:
    • Chart of Accounts entries
    • GIFI entries
    • SIC (etc) tables
    • GL transactions
    • AP batches
    • Timecards
    • Initial Inventory and Inventory Adjustments
  • Nested projects and departments
  • Funds Accounting
  • Web services framework
    • Supported input formats
      • XML
      • JSON
    • Supported output formats
      • XML
      • JSON
    • Supported objects:
      • Contacts
        • Customers
        • Vendors 
        • Sales Leads
        • Basic employee info
  • Customer/vendor enhancements
    • Customers and vendors can now be natural persons as well as companies
    • Track company-wide address and contact info, as well as this per account
    • More modular code
    • Generic interfaces to allow things like lead tracking
  • Employee/user management enhancments
    • Turn employee into user
    • Manage permissions all through employee interface,
    • Track wages/salaries and deductions
    • Track country-specific payroll data (W4's and the like)
  • New Reporting Framework
    • Generic means of connecting SQL queries to reporting output
    • Makes writing third party reports easy
    • Unified page structure across all reports
    • GL Reports already moved to new framework
    • All reports printable as PDF
    • All reports exportable as CSV
    • All reports exportable as ODS (read by all major spreadsheet programs)
    • Localized date format displayed in reports
    • Permalinks on reports, so the same report can be run later with the same parameters
    • Enhanced Trial Balance
      • Can be saved and re-run later
      • Can be run on just a subset of accounts (imbalance is expected in that case)
      • Reports need to query fewer rows in big tables when operating on big databases, performing better.
    • Cash basis income statement
    • Income statement for customer/vendor accounts, parts, and invoices
  • Separation of duties/vouchers for sales/vendor invoices
  • Payroll
    • Enter hours/pay periods worked
    • Manual entry of payroll transactions
    • Modular API for per-country payroll logic

1.5.0: More redesign aspects

  • Business types and Pricegroups redesign
  • Refinements in permission management interface
  • Inventory management (partly done in 1.4)
  • Fine tuning reports module
  • Sales forecasts
  • Fine tuning new payment code from 1.3
  • Price matrix redesign
  • Track events (like appointments) per customer, lead, etc.
  • * AR/AP invoices and transactions redesign
  • * GL transactions redesign (partially done in 1.3)
  • Sales Opportunity Tracking
  • Fine tuning payroll

1.6.0: More redesign aspects

  • Fine tuning AR/AP/GL transactions
  • Warehouses, parts, and assemblies redesign
  • Fine tuning invoices
  • Better Human Resources Management
  • Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Quotations redesign
  • LDAP and groupware integration
  • Personal Dashboard

2.0.0: Getting rid of the last SQL-Ledger code in LSMB. Moving
everything to the new architecture.




The following add-ons are under development:


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This is an awesome roadmap. Seldom one sees such efforts being placed into a software package. This makes donating money really worth it.

Mikael Arhelger