This document looks forward from the last stable public release (currently 1.4). We hope it serves people who wonder when certain features will be implemented or where general development is headed. The document should be taken as a general direction: it is evolving and may be subject to change.

LedgerSMB is being developed as a Core system with many functionalities a business requires. However, some businesses may require different functionalities, or some functionalities may be considered too disruptive to integrate immediately into the core. These functionalities are developed as Add-ons.

Core development

High priority items denoted in italics.

1.5.0: Focus on redesign with a few new features

  • Frame-less UI, moving to standard use of Dojo Toolkit
  • First steps into in-browser (webservice based) UI
  • Optionally can add unapproved trans. to some reports
  • Price matrix enhancements
  • Completed moving document templates (invoice, transaction, ...) to database
  • Move to Plack/PSGI for webserver integration
  • Source tree moved to more standard structure (libraries in lib/)
  • Factored re-usable code (database mapper) out into stand-alone PGObject framework
  • Quality assurance improvements:
    • Assurance of source code syntax and dependency correctness
    • Assurance of source code compliance with project guidelines
    • Autoated in-browser testing


1.6.0: Design and first implementation of frameworks to contain old code

  • Improved multi-currency handling
    • Multiple rates per day per currency
  • Simplification of UI
    • Fewer defaults for configuration
    • Layout improvements
    • Help system
  • Web service framework design and first implementation
  • Web hooks design and first implementation
  • Improve internationalization: better handling of plural forms
  • Complete move to PSGI: phase out CGI::Emulate::PSGI wrapper for new code
  • Database schema maintenance improvements
    • Framework in place to check for data issues before changing the schema
  • Quality assurance
    • Further extend the use of 'prove', e.g. moving all database tests to pgTAP

1.7.0: Expand web service & web hooks APIs

  • Improved multi-currency handling
    • Revaluation of foreign currency balance sheet items
  • UI improvements
    • Fully remodelled Contact entry screens
    • Selection of customers/vendors through FilteringSelect

1.8.0 and later

  • Business types and Pricegroups redesign
  • Refinements in permission management interface
  • Inventory management (partly done in 1.4)
  • Fine tuning reports module
  • Sales forecasts
  • Fine tuning new payment code from 1.3
  • Track events (like appointments) per customer, lead, etc.
  • AR/AP invoices and transactions redesign
  • GL transactions redesign (partially done in 1.3)
  • Sales Opportunity Tracking
  • Fine tuning payroll
  • Fine tuning AR/AP/GL transactions
  • Warehouses, parts, and assemblies redesign
  • Fine tuning invoices
  • Better Human Resources Management
  • Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Quotations redesign
  • LDAP and groupware integration
  • Personal Dashboard

2.0.0: Getting rid of the last SQL-Ledger code in LSMB. Moving
everything to the new architecture.



The following add-ons are under development:

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This is an awesome roadmap. Seldom one sees such efforts being placed into a software package. This makes donating money really worth it.