Should I install LedgerSMB modules in /usr/share or /usr/local?

In general: neither. The advice is to have the full source tree in /opt/ledgersmb/<version>.

Installing the LedgerSMB modules in the standard Perl search path works, but interferes with running different versions side-by-side.

To undo installation in /usr/local:

  • remove /usr/local/share/perl/5.XX.X/LedgerSMB/
  • delete /usr/local/share/perl/5.XX.X/; and
  • find and remove the .pl files that come in LedgerSMB's project root directory and bin/ and LedgerSMB/Scripts/ directories.
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Does this mean you shouldn't install in either of those directories? If not, where?

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the feedback. I've changed the wording of the FAQ item; hopefully it's less confusing now.