Areas to contribute to

Submitted by ehu on Wed, 12/26/2012 - 12:52

The LedgerSMB team is seeking contributions in - among others - the following areas:

  • Translations
    LedgerSMB has been translated into a (large) number of languages. However, development has continued, but many translations haven't kept up with the change.
  • Testing
    While the APIs can be tested using automated tests (and they are), the web UI is much harder to test. For this we currently mostly depend on people actually using the application. So, we want you to go through the application over and over - especially in the beta and gamma phases - and report the errors you find
  • Graphics
    We need a new favicon logo which when presented in the browser at least looks somewhat like our current logo
  • UI design
    We could use lots of feedback on improving our UI to make it more intuitive for non-accounting user

Next to the above, we could really use your migration feedback: If you succesfully migrated your database from older LedgerSMB versions or SQL-Ledger, let us know!