This document looks forward from the last stable public release (currently 1.5). The document should be taken as a general indication of direction. As with every open source project, contributors follow their own priorities; as such, features may be implemented earlier or later than indicated or even features entirely not mentioned may be implemented.

LedgerSMB is being developed as a Core system with many functionalities a business requires. However, some businesses may require different functionalities, or some functionalities may be considered too disruptive to integrate immediately into the core. These functionalities are developed as Add-ons.

Core development


These functionalities have been implemented and are pending inclusion:

  • Accounting improvements
    • Multiple fx rates per day per currency
  • Technical improvements

To be done

The following section lists highly desired - yet not implemented - features, grouped into topics.

Future developments

UI improvements

  • Fewer defaults for configuration
  • Layout improvements
  • Help system
  • Fully remodelled Contact entry screens
  • Selection of customers/vendors through FilteringSelect
  • Personal Dashboard

Configuration and customization

  • Easier development of templates by adding HTML->PDF output generator option

Internationalisation and localisation

  • Better handling of plural forms

Integration and scripting

  • Web services
  • Web hooks


  • Revaluation of foreign currency balance sheet items
    • Complete integration of pre/overpayments

Goods and services

  • (more/better) inventory reports
  • production batch tracking


  • Integrate budgets in financial reports
  • Migrate reports module to Dojo/dgrid


  • Track events (like appointments) per customer, lead, etc.
  • Sales Opportunity Tracking
  • Sales forecasts


Technical improvements

  • Phase out code in old/
    • AR/AP invoices and transactions redesign
    • GL transactions redesign
    • Orders and Quotations redesign
    • Warehouses, parts, and assemblies redesign
    • Business types and Pricegroups redesign
  • Replacement of


    • Support for role groups
    • LDAP and groupware integration



    The following add-ons are planned:

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    This is an awesome roadmap. Seldom one sees such efforts being placed into a software package. This makes donating money really worth it.