IRC Support

For real-time help try IRC - you will usually find most of the core team hanging out at / #ledgersmb

There are people there who range from users to developers who are willing to help. We have agreed to adopt the Ubuntu code of conduct for our community. Please read it if you plan on joining us.

We also ask that you always use a paste site when pasting more than 2-3 lines. Paste sites include:

Connecting to IRC
Read more about IRC on and install a irc client and join us.

You can use a browser-based irc client to join the channel.

Dedicated IRC client¶
Connect to freenode network. Most clients have that already pre-configured. If not, connect to the following server:
Server: or a server near you.
Port: 6667
Join the #ledgersmb channel.

Windows Installation Tutorial: LedgerSMB

(Open source accounting/ERP application on Windows)

Content by Chris Travers, Gene Alexander (source: ledger-smb-users mail list)
Edited by Havard Sorli
This tutorial it not complete, please help us make it better.
Date: 26-12-2012

Mailing Lists - RSS and NNTP Feeds

The best way to get (free) help is to join one of the LedgerSMB mailing lists:

Browse the mailing list archives for past advice.

Ubuntu Installation Tutorial: LedgerSMB-1.3-SERIES

(Open source accounting/ERP application on Ubuntu Oneric Ocelot Ubuntu 11.10)


Update: mai 2012

Note that Template::Latex is included in Template::Plugin::Latex which is now in Debian as
libtemplate-plugin-latex-perl.  (It has migrated to Debian Testing ('wheezy') and Ubuntu)

Also for some of the files, need to update the links

Migration from App X

App X could be Microsoft Money, QuickBooks, Sage, KMyMoney, Gnucash, Grisbi and others
Source: mail list: ledger.smb.user (Chris Travers and others)

With unknown programs you need to to find out:
1) How much data can you get out?
2) What database system does it use on the back-end?
3) If you cant export data, are there other means (i.e. custom ODBC
drivers, cvs export) that can access the info?

If you can get that information, you are about 50% of the way there.

How do I migrate from SQL-Ledger?

A lot of people are wondering how to manage their migration to LedgerSMB from SQL-Ledger. While there is no one simple answer that will suit everyone's situation, there is some general advice.

First thing to know is - you are among friends. LedgerSMB is built on a community of people who want to see the software and it's users succeed. Information is freely shared, and as long as you are prepared to have a go at helping yourself, we are happy to jump right in and help you do that!

We now have a mailing list, whether you are actively working on migrating to LedgerSMB or even if you are staying with SQL-Ledger for now and want some friendly community support, join up the User List to get SQL-Ledger to LedgerSMB migration help

The best course of action depends on your situation:

Fedora 14 Installation: Install script

by Neon

I put together this bash script to install on a vanilla fedora 14 box. It assumes a bare-bones (i.e. not even postgresql or apache installed yet) box, but I don't see why it can't be used on a full-up install (it just won't install the dependancies that are already existing).

Anyway. Use, fold, spindle, mutilate, use as a basis for something else, feed it to your cat, whatever. You don't even need to give me credit.

You can find the script in this posting.

Installing LedgerSMB

So you have found LedgerSMB and need some help installing it.
Well you have come to the right place.

Depending on the version you are going to install, there may be a couple of different places to get instructions, we will list the official ones first, and further down the page, any additional resouces people tell us about will be listed.

Distributed LedgerSMB Development With DVCS - Git

The information below is outdated: the project moved to GitHub and does not maintain its Subversion repository any longer.


By Jeff Kowalczyk (jfkw)

I've been working on my local LedgerSMB deployment customization using the distributed version control system, git. I'm relatively new to git, but it's really helping me in the following areas:

Printing of document

LedgerSMB failed to print to printer. I did the following changes in, :-

#open( OUT, '>', $form->{OUT} ) or $form->error("$form->{OUT} : $!");
#by fhng
# 16/4/08
open( OUT, "|$form->{OUT} >/dev/null 2>&1") or $form->error("$form->{OUT} : $!");

Then, it print.

Also, the error message is not helpful, e.g. if LATEX is not installed, printing will fail with out much debug info but just display Error



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