Can I use IBANs with LedgerSMB?

Yes. IBANs are very long, bank account numbers. LedgerSMB has no problems storing, retrieving and using these without any issue.

Is LedgerSMB SEPA proof?

Yes. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) requires support for very long bank account numbers (IBANs or International Bank Account Numbers). LedgerSMB can store and use these numbers without problems.

How do I restore my data?

Assuming you have created a backup file using or the following command on the command line (which is the command line equivalent of what does):

 $ pg_dump -F c -f your_backup.bak your_company_database


You can restore your database using the command:

How do I backup my data?

As of 1.3.7 the backup functionality moved to, the database administration interface.

Login with your ledgersmb database user / admin user. This can't be done using your normal LedgerSMB login account since it doesn't have enough rights to backup db and roles. The default address for is http://localhost/ledgersmb/

The backup facility consists of two parts:

Authentication and authorization


Application structure


  • Browser/Javascript based web-application
  • Webserver
  • Perl based web-glue layer
  • Perl application logic (mostly left over from pre-1.3)
  • PostgreSQL based authentication and authorization framework
  • PL/pgSQL based stored procedures (application logic)
  • PostgreSQL based data storage (tables) with SQL and PL/pgSQL based data integrity checks

Browser/web application


LedgerSMB and the infamous 'gettext'

Perl coding guidelines

Code formatting

Due to the migration from SQL Ledger coding style to the LedgerSMB style, the latter being documented below, Perl code appears in the code base in two widely differing styles. When adding new functionalities, please use the style documented below. When fixing existing functionality, please use the style applicable to the module you're working on.

The following guidelines apply to formatting Perl code in our code base:

PL/pgSQL coding guidelines

Code formatting

These are our formatting guide lines for SQL queries and PL/pgSQL code:

Fundraising: multi-currency from after-thought to core feature

Efficito has a customer who needs full multi currency support. Efficito has estimated the required effort at 12000 EUR. We (Efficito) want to commit to sponsoring 50% of the cost (6000 EUR). The customer can't vouch for more than 2000 EUR which leaves us with 4000 EUR left unsponsored.


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