Errors in apache error.log - missing "math lib's"

Short error:
Math::BigInt: couldn't load specified math lib(s), fallback to Math::BigInt::FastCalc

1.3.4 released

Hi all;

This release corrects a number of localization bugs regarding number
handling, updates some documentation, fixes one minor database
creation/upgrade bug, and more. Because it involves a few database
changes, it does require running the setup.pl against each database.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

The complete changelog is:

How to add a barcode for a part?

Sql ledger has the option to add a barcode to a part.

In 1.4, you will be able to add a barcode per make/model record.

How are barcodes added when using LedgerSMB?

Sort term solution:
It's not optimal for a UPC management but it solves the immediate problem:

Add a space separated list with the barcodes to the partnumber field

The partnumber is the "Number" filed on the same line as "Description" in the "Add Part" page.
And yes, "space separated list" works in the POS interface. (If you scan one of the codes in the space separated list )

Does LedgerSMB use complex templating languages such as XSSSL?

No: Our templates are in LaTeX or HTML (your choice), and use TemplateToolkit for variable interpolation. No xslt, no xsssl, no programming language other than TT directives......


Does LedgerSMB support my country's laws?

We don't know enough about the ideosyncracies with your laws to evaluate that. But quite frankly Free Software sometimes poses an issue with local regulation. If you go with LedgerSMB, I'd recommend working with us to detail any shortcomings and get those resolved.

You can help us to make a list over "X country" laws and LedgerSMB shortcomings according your countrys law.

Is LedgersSMB free software?

Yes, its Open source. The tools we use (Perl, PostsgreSQL, Apache ++) is also Open source.
Open source means that the source code of the software is available for free to everyone and you can modify the code and distribute it yourself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_source

Is there a REST API or other language-independent interface ?

REST -- we are working on it. (1. Nov 2011) Check developer mailing list and latest code.
Other language independent API--- we have it for the new code in the form of discoverable SQL interfaces, and are working on rewriting the rest with that in mind

Is there a way to attach an online store to LedgerSMB without too much pain?

Depends what your online store produces.
We're currently ( 1st Nov 2011) working on creating web service API's but freelock (a frequent visitor of the IRC channel) is already doing it. He doesn't mind sharing his code.

Web service API's discussion is ongoing on the development mailing list. Join and contribute

Can VAT be automatically be split off into the required VAT accounts?

Short answer: Yes

LedgerSMB can tie product sales to a tax class so that VAT can automatically be split off into the required VAT accounts on a sale, and when cancelling an invoice, automatically perform the reverse bookings.

Each product can be 'attached' to an account and the associated % will be applied automatically.

1.3.3 released

Hi all;

LedgerSMB 1.3.3 has been released. It corrects a number of important
bugs. Users of 1.3.x are likely to benefit considerably from moving
to this new version. The most important fix is for internal server
errors when the most recent Math::BigFloat and Math::BigInt libraries
are used with LedgerSMB. Other fixes address changing countries for
employees, a few user interface glitches, and some localization fixes.


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