What are the IRC guidelines

We ask that all IRC members follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

We also ask that you always use a paste site when pasting more than 2-3 lines. Paste sites include:

What is the community code of conduct?

The LedgerSMB community follows the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

Does ledgersmb support SSL connection ?

Q: How could I set it up ledgersmb to support SSL connection?

SSL support on Apache is handled by configuring Apache. For having LedgerSMB connect to PostgreSQL using SSL, you can set the PGSSLMODE environment variable to 'require' in the ledgersmb.conf. Note that by default, LedgerSMB will try to connect to PostgreSQL via SSL and fall back to unsecured connections if this is not available.

We highly recommend using SSL for any access to LedgerSMB over the network.

How do I get LaTeX on Ubuntu? I am trying to print to PDF's and it's not working.

Make sure you have TexLive installed. Older TeTeX was recommended but according to Ubuntu repositories, TexLive is the new package to install.

You can install this with the following command:

apt-get install texlive-latex-extra


How do I account for Depreciation in LedgerSMB?

NOTE: LedgerSMB has a Fixed assets module as of 1.3. The FAQ below is out-dated.

LedgerSMB does not have a built-in assett tracking / depreciation feature. Depreciation can be managed manually using General Ledger Transactions. You should probably confirm this with your accountant, but the basic procedure (kindly suggested by Tony Fraser) is, assuming a computer asset over 5 years:

I'm not an accountant, how do I learn how to keep my books?

Quite a few users find some of the terminology and accounting processes a little confusing at first. Some of the more popular small business accounting packages tend to hide these aspects of book-keeping from users for simplicity, so with the current user interface there is often some new ideas to grasp.

First step is the manual - the LedgerSMB manual is free and highly recommended reading.

Changelog for LedgerSMB v 1.0.0p1

Changelog for LedgerSMB v 1.0.0p1

  • Fixed directory transversal/arbitrary code execution vulnerability.

Changelog for LedgerSMB v 1.0.0

(Changes relative to the pre-fork SQL-Ledger 2.6.17)

  • Corrected sessionid security hole allowing bypass of login to main application
  • Corrected sessionid security hole allowing one to list logins and more.
  • Changed acc_trans.amount to NUMERIC
  • Tightened browser caching rules to prevent problems with back button.
  • Added an open content manual to the main distribution.
  • New logo.
  • Began whitespace reformatting of main application.


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