The LedgerSMB Core Team is proud to release 1.3.36.

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Submitted by Chris Travers on Wed, 01/15/2014 - 22:44

This release corrects a significant issue in printing invoices with manually calculated sales tax.  This is a significant update, and anyone using 1.3.35 or manually entered sales tax should update relatively quickly.

Changelog for 1.3.36
* Set default date for AP invoice creation to current date (Chris T)
* Removed "apply discount" from use overpayment screen (Chris T)
* Fixed tax checkbox problem when one tax id includes another (Chris T)
* Fixed update forgetting creditor (Nick P)
* Fixed invoices rounding and printing differently (Giovanni B)
* Deleted broken pricematrix check on existing rows in POS (Chris T)
* Fixing manually entered tax amounts ignored printing invoice (Chris T, 864)
* Fixing deleting gl draft via gl screen fails (Chris T, 871)
* Fixing receipts listing "to pay" for amount (Chris T, 892)
* Setting->get() now works with named keys (Chris T)
* nginx sample configurations (P. Istvan)
* Fixed unable to delete ar vouchers (Chris T)
* Fixed copy to new scrambling lines (Chris T, 923)
* Fixed improper account line handling in ar/ap trans. (Chris T, 923)
Chris T is Chris Travers
Nick P is Nick Prater
Giovanni B is Giovanni Biscuolo
P. Istvan is Pongracz Istvan