I want to install LedgerSMB. Where do I start?

Check the downloads page for a package for your operating system, or use the procedure below:

Download the file and untar it (tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz). Then read the INSTALL file and follow the instructions.

On Windows you can use 7Zip to untar the file.


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The online Windows installation instructions are very opaque. Once you download the support applications, installing the LedgerSMB files and integrating with PostgreSQL and Apache is very confusing, especially if your knowledge of Linux and Ubuntu is weak or non-existent.

I am currently documenting the process of installing all of the LedgerSMB suite of apps with screen captures and hope to submint a clearer step-by-step installation procedure.

Hedley Finger
Melbourne, Australia

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Hi Hedley,

Thanks for taking the time to draw up such documentation. Could we help you create it on the LedgerSMB site? It'd be a nice addition (separate article, not FAQ item) to the Documentation section of the site.

Thanks in advance!