See for a book written by Erik Huelsmann and Chris Travers on LedgerSMB. LedgerSMB also comes with an extensive manual in the doc/ directory.

Or watch the quickstart video:

This is really a quickstart:

  • creating a new database via the browser, using
  • logging in to the new database
  • setting some parameters, populating the database with some data
  • creating new customer
  • and the main part: issuing the first invoice :)

Introductory series of 9 videos

Set up database and user

How to add customers

Change tax values and descriptions

Add services and write bills

Check outstanding bills & change status to 'paid'

Reports: check outstanding bills, taxes and accounts

Write a quotation and check it in reports

Handle stock, RFQ, purchase order, shipping & receiving, reporting

Save invoice as draft